Set of 6 pine wood nesting boxes

£49.92 (ex. VAT)
Set of 6 pine wood nesting boxes

Set of 6 pine wood nesting boxes, complete with box joint corners
clasp, lid & hinges

Overall external dimensions: Overall internal dimensions:

8x5.5x5.5 CM                              6x3.5x3 CM

12x8.5x7 CM                           10x6.5x4.5 CM

16x11.5x9.5 CM                      14x9.5x6.5 CM

20x14.5x11.5 CM                   18x12.5x8.5 CM

24x18x14 CM                        21.5x15.5x11 CM

28x21x14 CM                     25.5x19x12.5 CM

All measurements are in centimeters

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